12 more heating system filters coming tomorrow

I was so hungry last night as I tried to go to sleep, but I refrained from eating because my throat was hurting so badly. I gave in at some point and ate a banana, which, because I chewed it thoroughly, didn’t seem to bother my throat as much. I was able to fall asleep once more after that and sleep for the next several hours. I believe I slept for around nine hours last night, and today I feel a little better, but my throat still hurts and I’m also pretty exhausted. Despite not knowing if I will be well enough for her to stay here in my climate-controlled apartment without running the risk of contracting my illness, I should be feeling better for my heating and air conditioning technician to visit this weekend. In order to save her from having to stay in this dirty apartment, I think I will invite her to come for a visit but suggest that she book a room at a hotel close to my house. All I can do is try to stay quarantined and away from my cooling rep roommate for the next few afternoons while I am contagious because I will feel really awful if she does. I just hope that she doesn’t catch what I have because I will feel awful. To avoid being around her too much, I spend the majority of my time in my office working. This strategy appears to be working so far, as she is still feeling fine. I am taking some good kefir that I got from the neighborhood business to help me fight this.


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