A Large House with only 2 people

My whole life, I have always been conflicted on having a big house or a small house, big homes are charming and spacious, where as small homes can be charming and cozy, but when I visit big homes, I am always mesmerized by the size and how many things they can fit inside.

I prefer decorating and interior design, but the smaller the house, the more freedom there is for design. I live in a small 2 family room house, and I know the size the perfect, but my associate and I spend money a particularly low utilities bills each month because the cooling system doesn’t have to work that hard to cool the home. My friends purchased a big house and they are always complaining about how they have to hire help to disinfect and that the cooling system is having to work overtime to cool all of the rooms in the house. Even though they only have 2 people in a 4,000 square foot home, they are paying the same in utilities that my parents spend money for a house half the size and they have 5 people in the house. Many people know that cooling an empty room is a waste of money. Not only do they have an excessive amount of space, but they travel a lot. They are always gone, so they spend money for an air conditioning system to run in an empty house. At the end of the morning, a small house if more efficient than a big house.


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