Adding air to a basement

I’ve always been told that older homes need more work.

I’ve always known this but I’ve shrugged off the idea that it’s true.

When I was buying my home my parents thought it was a terrible idea. All of the houses that we moved into when we were younger were always brand new. My parents didn’t want to do much renovating or replacing equipment or appliances. Once I was in the buying process they would tell me, you’re going to regret it! Now that I have been in my home for six months now I have done a lot of renovating. To be honest it has been exhausting but I love the way my home looks now. Since most of my home is completed, I want to start redoing my basement. My basement is pretty big and I think it has a lot of potential. Since the home is older, there is no heating or cooling down there. There are a few vents but I don’t think any air comes out of them. I have been told that the best type of heating and cooling system that I should use is a mini split heat pump in my basement. This is because I should keep the basement and home air separate from each other. I do want to get a second opinion though so I will be contacting my local HVAC provider to see what option is best. I’m hoping that whatever option I choose it won’t be a hassle or cost me a lot of money.

a/c rep