Air conditioning doesn’t reach our bedrooms

Our home isn’t certainly big, only around fifteen hundred square feet.

And it is fairly modern plus well-insulated. Our boiler plus central cooling system do a good task of heating plus cooling the house. There’s one small problem that I’ve observed, however. If my friend and I close the doors of the three bedrooms, which are located at the farthest distance from the heating plus cooling units, those rooms don’t receive as much of the heat and/or cool air. We are empty nesters, but our pet is like having another child – mainly because my friend and I dote on him so much. If my friend and I leave him in the home when my friend and I go away, my friend and I shut the bedroom doors to prevent him from jumping on the beds plus getting his fur on the comforters. But when my friend and I arrive home, the bedrooms are significantly cooler in the winter season plus warmer in the Summer than the rest of the house. I remember when my friend and I had the home built, the builder discussed that the sitement of the heating/cooling unit in the basement would determine its efficiency in reaching each of the rooms of the house. We discussed the pros plus cons of placing the units closer to the main living section of the home. Bedrooms, he explained, are respectfully not as important, as ceiling fans in the Summer plus blankets in the winter season will compensate for any inefficiency. I now wonder if my friend and I let him talk us into a poor decision. I even called another HVAC company to discuss the situation, he explained that the ideal location of the heater/cooling system unit is one where there is a supply of natural gas, an exhaust vent, plus fresh air circulation. His explanation made much more sense than that of the original builder.



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