Always understand the condition of the HVAC system of any home you intend to purchase!

Sometimes, you really need to pay attention before you make a purchase.

  • Actually, you should always pay close attention to where your money is going and why.

You would think that I would take this simple principle to heart when I was purchasing a home recently, but I let something very important slip from my attention. The previous owner mentioned offhand that I would probably have to replace the HVAC unit. I’m not sure how on earth I let that one go without further inquiry. I guess I was just so excited about the asking price, that I didn’t ask myself why the price was so low. I was paying attention to things on the surface. The structural integrity of the house was fine, and there didn’t seem to be any damage to anything. It was also well-maintained and clean, and that included the yards, both front and back. There was a musty smell inside, reminiscent of dank moisture and mildew, but it was mild enough to where I figured subconsciously that I would be able to take care of whatever was causing it. Then, it turned out that the smell was a result of an HVAC system that simply wasn’t doing its job anymore. I made the purchase of this home, and I was left with a basically non-functional heating and air conditioning system! The climate around here is hot and humid, and it had been so long since the air conditioner had worked properly, that it was no wonder there was a dank smell! It had been so long since the air conditioner had been able to pull the moisture out of the air, much less cool down the home properly. When I had an HVAC technician come out for an assessment, he informed me that I was definitely in need of an HVAC repair that would cost me at least seven grand! Suddenly, I realized that I wouldn’t be saving so much money on this home purchase after all! I’m definitely going to pay far more attention to the details from here on out when it comes to purchases big and small!
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