Becoming the leader of the Heating plus A/C raiders

The world is in chaos, plus it was the perfect time for our group of Heating plus A/C raiders to begin, people were scared, plus in desperate need of a/cs plus boilers, plus my buddy and I had them all.

There was hardly any family in the entire country not impacted by our Heating plus A/C organization.

When the government collapsed plus all of the cooling plus heating suppliers closed, my buddy and I took the opening to steal all the boilers plus a/cs possible. There was little security in the Heating plus A/C suppliers to chop through, plus no police force to stop us. I wanted to be the leader of this group, so I worked my way up the ladder of respect until I was second in command. I would go on extensive missions to steal multi split a/cs from leaders of the world, plus I once even stole the central a/c of our enemies the Heating plus A/C Restorers. After a while, I had the respect of all of the Heating plus A/C raiders in the a/c sect, the boiler sect, plus the media air cleaner sect; Everyone wanted me as the Heating plus A/C raider leader, plus this was my plan. Late one night, I poisoned the air filter in the leader’s window a/c plus he died in his sleep. Nobody knew it was me, however the entire Heating plus A/C raider group ushered me to leadership. Now I recommend others to steal whole condo media air cleaners, mini split a/cs, plus hydronic heaters. I love having this authority plus I love stealing Heating plus A/C units; Unfortunately there is an enemy rising against us.

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