Broken is now my propane boiler

My dad was out of this world.

When describing how something is used or shot, my father used to say, “totally rinsed.” She would say, “Ahh, I’m totally rinsed,” for example, if she had just finished a long day of water skiing or if someone was acting irrationally. You never hear that, and I am not sure where the saying originated, though I am certain that I will never discover its origin because my father passed away two years ago and the secret is sealed away for all time. Nevertheless, you are welcome to use the saying if you like. Cleaning the heating and cooling systems is what I’ll be working on today, and I’m confident that by the time I get back to the cabin after a long day of work on the heater, I’ll be completely clean as well. I still find it difficult to believe that my pops will never return, but I will eventually have to accept the fact that death is a fact of life. She spent the majority of her working life in the heating industry, where she performed numerous boiler tune-ups over the years and built a very prosperous business. Since making music and playing for audiences truly brings me great joy, I am glad I made the decision to become a musician. Who knows where it will lead me, but I’m sure it will be more rewarding than spending the day cleaning HVAC ducts for the cooling corporation, which is what I was doing in the back cabin before switching to music.



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