Caught the HVAC heating bandit

When we walked into this house, my wife and I just fell completely in love with the place.

It was just everything we had ever wanted in a home.

Since we were both city dwellers all of our life living with radiant heating we couldn’t quite control, just the idea of owning a home was amazing. But then, we walked into this house and were just overwhelmed by just how much it fit us. My wife and I moved here when she took a job promotion that required us moving from the city for the first time in our lives. There was a lot to get accustomed to with the move. So having the right home was such a benefit as we settled in to our new lives. Plus, there was a new gas furnace as well as central air conditioning unit as well. The house was an older house and the gas furnace was essential to providing the heating that we had to have. Yet, as much as we loved our home, the winter was not super cozy as well as costly when it came to HVAC heating. This went on for the first couple of winters. But I finally decided to talk to the HVAC professionals about what I could do to reduce the cost of heating. We had already been super disciplined when it came to the thermostat. So the HVAC professional helped me understand that drafts and gaps were the big bandit when it came HVAC heating. I did just as the HVAC professionals suggested and sealed up all those gaps and finally caught that heating bandit.


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