Claire finally got new heating equipment

Claire’s story is a sad but triumphant one.

Despite what she has gone through, I’m always touched and proud of the person she has become.

Claire and I grew up together. We were neighbors until teenagers when my parents moved cities. We stayed in touch, but the more time passed, the lesser we talked. Nevertheless, we still managed to speak every other month. She was the only child of her parents, but when she was due to start college, her parents died in a ghastly accident. She was always interested in the heating industry and keen to learn more about heating. Her dad was a salesman for a certain heating dealer and would tell Claire about all the latest advancements in the heating business. Her parents left the house to her. It had been many years since she changed the whole-home heating unit, and the low-quality indoor comfort was proof of that. Since she was not new to heating, she knew that the only way to improve indoor comfort was to get new heating, including a heat pump and a smart thermostat to help with indoor comfort. She called the heating company one of their family friends owned and scheduled an appointment with the heating technician for heater maintenance or new heat pump installation. I decided to surprise her during this period. It had been years since we last saw each other in real life. She was ecstatic to see me. As the HVAC professionals fit in the new unit, she mentioned enrolling in the local institution to become a qualified HVAC workman. She had also done a few renovations to the house, and it looked amazing. I am so proud of Claire for not giving up on life.


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