Critters get a ductless heat pump

So it all started with the fact that we couldn’t have children I think.

Actually, I don’t think my wife and I have ever really broken down the full reason for all these animals.

But I think the fact that we couldn’t be human parents made being parents to fur babies all the more appealing. Plus, we were lucky to inherit a home with central air conditioning, three bedrooms, a big kitchen and 29 acres. Talk about the sort of gift that keeps on giving. We are both teachers and because my wife’s grandparents willed her this house and property, we started off our lives together as homeowners. Had this not happened, I’m afraid we may have had to live in apartments with less than quality heating and cooling for a long time. Yet, with all this space, it became nearly impossible for us to say no to any stray or critter who didn’t have a home. While we feel great about providing for these animals and we love loving them, it played havoc with the central air conditioning of our home. The sheer volume of furry beings coming and going inside the house was putting a real strain on the HVAC equipment. All that fur and dander was being sucked straight to the HVAC return. And that’s where it would completely cover the air filter. This was putting so much strain on the HVAC unit that we had to do something different. So we added a basic space to the side of our home. This is dog and cat land exclusively and they even have their own ductless heat pump in there so they too have quality heating and air.



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