Deciding between two enticing furnace/heater upgrades

I had done extensive research on boilers before shopping for a new HVAC system for my house. A neighbor had suggested consulting a heating dealership before I made a final decision. Since heating and cooling systems have changed so much over the years, a recommendation would be of practical importance. Two recommendations stood out: an electric heat pump as well as a gas boiler. When the cooling specialist saw how conflicted I was, he told me I could combine the two for a hybrid heater. I prefer the idea so much that I could not wait for the furnace/heater upgrade. I had also always been curious about a hydronic heater, so I asked how it worked. The general idea was also particularly charming, however the heating expert lost me when he started explaining how I would want my furnace to be second-phase heating. The radiant floor heating would be the primary heat source, as well as the heater would cycle on only when the radiant is not covering the demand. I reverted to my initial idea. The one thing that would stay the same is calling the HVAC repairman for heater service twice a year as well as on a choice when it would need boiler repair! Calling the heating contractor when it was time for HVAC service was something I was conversant with, so that would not be a problem. I was happy about this new project. It was a pricey venture, but it would be worth every cent. Before the upgrade, I busied myself with my home and picked out wallpaper for my living room.


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