Defeating the Heating and A/C raiders

I am an agent in the Heating and A/C restored society.

  • Our mission is to destroy the Heating and A/C raiders and return or distribute their stolen heating and cooling units and heating and cooling equipment.

There are seven Heating and A/C restorer members undercover as Heating and A/C raiders, and my associate and I are close to overthrowing them. I recently took a stroll around the main facility and found a huge warehome full of heating and cooling units. Aisle after aisle I found central cooling systems, window cooling systems, hydronic furnaces, boilers of every kind, UV media air cleaners, HEPA filters, smart control units, and so much more. What disgusted me is that all of these Heating and A/C units were stolen, and thousands of people were dying every day for lack of air conditioner in the summer, and lack of a ductless heat pump, or any heat pump in the winter. I was blissful that our plan was almost complete to overthrow these evil Heating and A/C raiders. Unblessedly , one of our spies was discovered and publicly beaten, then taken in for questioning. My associate and I had to act fast in case our friend broke and discovered the rest of us Heating and A/C spies. The plan was enacted early, and I was off to begin installing small devices that release poison. All seven of us spies were assigned different logging houses to implant poison devices. While my associate and I were implanting the Heating and A/C poison, a few members of the Heating and A/C restorers attacked the cooling and heating facility as a distraction. I was in my assigned lodging home implanting poison into every window cooling system in the building. This was not simple, and I also had to do the home for the Heating and A/C spy that was captured.

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