Ductwork in the attic needs cleaning

The workday today is going by slowly as I struggle to write due to my blurry vision.

This afternoon, as I was returning from the beach, my vision was not blurred enough for me to miss this really lovely woman walking by. It is amazing how a woman’s beauty can both enthrall and disturb you. I’m still working on getting rid of the image of her so that I can resume my work, but it is ingrained in my mind and will likely stay there for some time. In order to calm my mind and return to my work, I must spend hours writing about heating and air conditioning. This does the trick for getting rid of the image of the attractive woman in my head. I’ll just let her go from my memory because I can’t daydream about her and try to write these stories well at the same time. That way, I can resume my work as the diligent worker that I am. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll visit the Heating and Air Conditioning company looking for a HEPA filter or something, but since she is way above my pay grade, I don’t have to worry about anything transpiring from that meeting. Additionally, if we were dating, I would be a constant ball of anxiety, fearing that she would dump me for someone better. Even if I never again see that lovely ghost, I’ll just carry on with my work at the neighborhood corporation and life will go on. Anyway, I’m going to get something to eat and then my friend and I will catch up in another story.

a/c rep