Electric heating device is on vaca

I don’t need any more heat in this flat right now with the weather being really hot outside.

I am keeping the drapes closed so that the sun doesn’t come into the flat and make it feel like a sauna here.

It will be hot for the next couple of months and I am fine with that because I know after that it is going to get really cold and dark in this town for about six months. The winter lasts pretty long here and this town is pretty empty during that time as the tourists are all gone. Local businesses barely stay afloat during the winter season and some local contractors just close up shop and move to somewhere cheaper for the winter. I will ride it out here with my lady and our cats, working mostly online during the winter to make ends meet. I am going to get a new electric heating device before winter hits, but for now I will just run the a/c unit to keep us cool in this place. I think I may end up just buying a whole new central device and not just fix the heat part of it. I bet the local contractor will have some good deals on the heating and cooling systems once the summer is winding down. That is when I like to shop for things because the demand goes down and the prices then follow. I just want a gas fireplace one day so we can have some fires in this building without calling the fire department.

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