Family reunion and problem with HVAC system

Just this past weekend my family and I all got together.

  • Every summer around the end of July when the weather is very hot and humid our family likes to have the reunion.

I feel our reunion turned out to be a very big success however when it came to the weather it wasn’t as great. We tried to plan for the end of July because the weather is normally very hot, sunny and humid. We like when it is hot outside because we have a pool and all of younger kids and sometimes adults like to go in there to cool down. It turned out that because it was so humid severe thunderstorms and rain occurred. There were storms all day so we had to move the entire party inside of my home. My home is rather bigger so it was easy for 25 people to fit into my home. Unfortunately I was really hoping that this wouldn’t happen because I’ve been having some serious problems with my HVAC system. I just recently had my HVAC technician install a new system. This new system is much more modern than my old HVAC system. I have a feeling that my HVAC system is too big for my home. Because I have a larger home I feel like my HVAC system was measured too big. Because it was measured bigger my HVAC system keeps running more often. This can be a troubling problem for HVAC systems that are measured too big because they waste a lot of energy and money because they are consistently on. I have to contact my local HVAC technician to see if there is a way he can fix the problem.