First hand experience with another faulty hydronic heating system

Balloons, flowers, and ribbons were my thing.

Being an event planner made it possible to attend more weddings and parties than an average person, which also meant I had tasted various wedding cakes, and given my love for cake and decor, this was one of the highlights.

One of the craziest weddings I had planned introduced me to a world of heat and AC products I didn’t know existed. I had called the heating dealership occasionally for boiler repair, heater maintenance, and other services but never had I ever had to do the work myself. Everything was moving smoothly at this particular anniversary party until the reception time in the afternoon came. Two hours before the party began, the ballroom became very cold, no matter how many times I reset the temperature control unit. I called the first technician I saw online, but those were already closed for the day. I made several other calls, but every heating business seemed closed. There was no way guests would be comfortable in such a cold place. I was not one to take advantage of people’s kindness, but the minute I remembered that one of my friends was once an HVAC repairman, I did not hesitate to call them. He arrived at the venue in twenty minutes and headed straight to work on the furnace/heater installation. He worked his magic and fixed the heat pump, and we were back to enjoying quality indoor comfort. I don’t know what I would have done since the only portable space heater would not be enough to heat the bathroom. My friend did me a big favor by fixing the hydronic heating system. It was also from all that that I decided to upgrade my furnace to a hybrid heating system, but first, I needed to handle HVAC maintenance.


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