Five degrees cooler now with A/C

This week I am working from home, like I do everyday actually, however this week is going to be a long afternoon in the flat because it is raining out plus I am a bit sick.

I have my cats here to keep me corporation while I do my toil plus maybe even get a load of laundry done as my sheets need to be cleaned.

I was perspiring like crazy last night plus now the sheets need to be washed so they smell nice plus fresh again. Okay, I just went plus dropped the laundry in the component plus my weather conditions control system has now kicked on, cooling the flat down as the afternoon is heating up, then i will get my toil done in an hour or two plus after that I am going to get the sheets dried in the dryer plus make the bed again. I will turn on my mini split cooling system system plus cool the room down so I can take a nap in weather conditions controlled luxury for a couple of hours. I assume this week I will just chill at dwelling most of the afternoon because I am a bit sick plus don’t want to infect other people around me. It will just be me plus my HVAC system, along with some corporation from my two cats. I will cook a fantastic rice lunch tonight plus have an easy night at dwelling for a change. I may even get around to cleaning my radiant radiant floors if I have enough energy to do so. Let’s see how it goes.

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