Furnace repair caused by lack of maintenance

winter arrived especially early this year! One day, the temperature was in the low sixties and the next, it plummeted below freezing, my buddy and I went from green skies and sunlight to clouds and endless snowfall! I had not yet gotten around to scheduling maintenance for the boiler when it was necessary to raise the temperature control setting.

I noticed that the boiler made some unusual noises and the smell of burning hair and dust spewed from the vents.

I should have immediately called a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor and stressed service, unfortunately, I was way too busy trying to prepare the home for the unexpected arrival of winter conditions. I needed to put away the barbecue, patio furniture, pool pump and sod mower. I started hauling my family’s winter coats, boots and accessories down from the attic, located the snow shovels and ice scrapers and purchased rock salt. I called to schedule a snow plowing repair for the driveway. I went around and made sure all of the windows were shut officially and added a bit of caulk here and there. I ignored all of the warning signs of boiler failure; The boiler eventually quit at the end of January, because of an outdoor temperature of twelve degrees, I had no choice however to pay extra for emergency repairs on a weekend. The serviceman who diagnosed the boiler told me that the cause of the malfunction was a significant buildup of dust on the inner workings. The problem could have been prevented with a tune-up in the fall. I was fortunate that the boiler overheating didn’t crack the heat exchanger and necessitate a full system replacement.

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