Get that furnace prepared for winter

Wow, today was entirely chilly when I went for our bike ride to the coast.

The air temp was just a bit above cold, about 35F, plus the sea temp was 55F. It took all of our tenacity to strip down to our board shorts plus go in the water with the coldness outside plus the giant waves pounding me. I recognize I stayed in the sea for only about several thirds because I was getting hammered with some pretty giant waves. I talked to a surfer neighbor for a bit plus then had to come apartment to our heating plan plus boiling bath. It took myself and others about 15 thirds to warm myself up in the boiling bath plus now I am feeling alright as I rest in our office plus do our work. I am going to adjust the thermostat on our boiling water furnace so that I don’t run out of boiling water when I take these baths. I recognize I can crank it up about 20 degrees plus I should have plenty of boiling water for our baths. I recognize the heating corporation told myself and others that the two of us have a month of chilly weather, so it looks like I will be running our furnace for a bit longer before giving it a break. Summer will be here soon though plus the two of us will be playing music in all of the beach bars in neighborhood plus having a lot of fun. I want to buy a new Heating plus Air Conditioning plan next year so hopefully the two of us can do a lot of gigs plus bring in a bunch of money.

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