Getting the heated flooring installed.

I knew my brother-in-law was away for two or 3 weeks.

Sam was going to see their kid who had just had a baby.

Sam wanted to help with the baby until the kid was moving around a little bit better after having a c-section. Two afternoons after he left, Sam called me and asked me to come over. Sam told me his husband had consistently wanted radiant heated flooring in the lavatory, and he wanted my knowledge. I was an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, but I wasn’t the kind of Heating and Air Conditioning tech who worked with radiant heated floors. That didn’t keep me from going to his house. Sam asked if his furnace would toil with radiant heat. I didn’t suppose so. Sam had a traditional Heating and Air Conditioning system. Most places with radiant heated flooring had boiler systems. The running water pipes were beneath the flooring and it was the tepid water that heated the flooring. He had a central Heating and Air Conditioning system which used air ducts to pull the heat to the rooms. He asked me if there were other ways to supply the same effect of radiant heated flooring. Some of my clients had installed heat tapes under the walkways and ramps. The electric heat tapes radiated heat up to the surface, and it didn’t allow for ice or snow to form on those areas. I told him heating tape should toil just as well, or better, under the lavatory floor. All I had to do was lift the carpeting or tiles, and place the electric heat tape. Sam volunteered me to help him with the radiant heated flooring in his lavatory. I was certainly the only Heating and Air Conditioning tech who would toil with Sam for free.


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