Going to a football game outside and being cold

I am a huge fan of football.

I follow my team religiously and try to go to as many home games as possible. I have season passes and thankfully the seats that we have are in a box and is temperature controlled. It’s great having a box because you don’t have to worry about the weather elements outside. The only time that I really have to worry about the weather conditions is when I drive there. I have about a 3-hour drive and if it’s really snowy and icy I don’t go and will give my passes to close family members and friends. There was one day where it was really nice outside and my boyfriend and I went to a Sunday night game. During the day the temperature was mild but at night it started to get a little chilly. So I went to the thermostat that’s installed on the wall in our box and adjusted it to a few degrees higher. 30 minutes or so went by and the temperature stayed the same. I decided to call one of the staff members that served us in our box and told them that the temperature wasn’t changing and I wasn’t sure if I was using the thermostat correctly. I walked over to the thermostat with her and she touched the same exact controls as I did. The thermostat was very similar to the one that’s installed in my home. She said that she’s going to come back in 10 minutes to see if the temperature change. She came back and the temperature was the same. She apologize for the inconvenience and said that she was going to call the maintenance technician. The maintenance technician came shortly after and ended up changing the thermostat because it was faulty.


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