Having to protect the HVAC equipment

Normally, I’ve thought of protecting my HVAC equipment as making sure that it got the HVAC maintenance that it needed. This was the only protection that I had in mind. And for sure, I have been very consistent when it comes to protecting my HVAC unit with heating maintenance in the Fall. Then, I have the air conditioning tune up done in late March to be sure that the heat pump is ready to go for our steaming Summer heat. But now, I’m actually physically protecting my HVAC equipment from people who want to destroy it. I guess it’s one thing to steal something. I hate that people feel like they have to steal or are compelled to steal. But what’s happening with the HVAC equipment in a recent burglary trend is something altogether different indeed. Now we’re talking about an HVAC unit being completely ripped apart and eviscerated for copper. We’re talking about thousands of dollars worth of HVAC equipment being completely ruined for handfuls of copper fittings. But those copper fittings are easily turned into cash at places that buy scrap metal. So now, protecting the HVAC unit has a whole new meaning to it for me. That’s because I’m protecting the HVAC equipment alongside my house with a steel cage that fits over the HVAC cabinet. And then, I can lock that cage down to the concrete pad underneath. This is what it takes now for me to protect the heating and cooling equipment. It might be time to look for a better neighborhood.
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