Heating & A/C provider came out for free

It doesn’t seem like there is anything free in the world anymore; Occasionally you can come across some free things, however they are usually of low quality.

It is difficult to find good quality items and repair for free, however occasionally, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Just recently a local HVAC supplier surprised me and did just that. They displayed for today only, free Heating & A/C repair, then now that was a legendary offer, and I knew there were going to be quite a few people that were going to take advantage of that offer. I called and asked if they did air conditioning service, and they agreed to do Heating & A/C service for free as well. I jumped for joy, and waited for the cooling tech to arrive, when the cooling specialist arrived, he did a quick and efficient job of checking the HVAC, and he confirmed the component looked great, but my friend and I talked for a few minutes, and he told me that he still has 7 more appointments to get to, and how it was going to be a entirely tied up day. I could only imagine that. I am glad that I am not a cooling repairman working at the supplier right now, however at the same time, I am entirely thankful for their service. Now I can rest assured that my cooling system and heating unit are covered for the rest of the summer time and winter time seasons, and it was all for free, can you feel it.


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