Hot water heater is in need of a thermostat

I tried not to get in his way, however I was trying to be friendly.

I contacted the heating and AC repair company when there was no hot water in the house, and I don’t know the first thing about fixing these complications. I tried to call the plumbing service, but they did not have any businesss available. I knew that the heating and AC repair handled some hot water heating system problems too so I gave them a call, but they had a serviceman ready to go and at my place in less than an hour. The young serviceman looked just like my oldest son, but he had orange hair and freckles and a funny smile. The kid looked like he was 18 or 19 years old. He was wearing a birthday ring. I made some small talk with that kid while he worked on the hot water heater. I tried not to get in his way, however I was trying to be friendly. When the guy went out to his truck for parts, I excused myself to go into the house and I did not come back out until the guy was almost finished with the boiling water heating system repair. The repair serviceman pointed out a different sound coming from the furnace and he told me that I should have looked at it. He could not do the evaluation and repair until the next day, although he was particular that he could service the issue in about 30 minutes if it was the problem that he thought. The business did not assume that the company repair was going to be as involved or expensive as the repair to the boiling water heater.