How the raiders succeeded

Distributing HVAC units was an awesome opportunity for the HVAC restorers.

For a few years the HVAC raiders ruled the heating and cooling industry; they raided every cooling and heating business in the country and took all of the precious window air conditioners, central air conditioners, multi split air conditioners, and several different types of furnaces.

Not only did they take all of the cooling units from the cooling and heating businesses, but they also went to every home and stole the window air conditioners and central a/c units and took them at gunpoint. It wasn’t until later in the season that the HVAC raiders began searching every home for heating units like gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and even portable space heaters. At first they avoided hydronic heating systems because they were difficult to uninstall and steal, but when they realized that many people were making it through the winters with the hot water boilers that were not taken, they began going home to home taking essential parts of the hot water boilers. The HVAC raiders did this so the people would be dependent on them for their warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. At first people tried to go on without any central air conditioning, hybrid heating, or any other heating and air conditioning systems



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