I can’t fathom a life without an air conditioner.

I know I have told most people my tale, but my Grandfather didn’t suppose that air conditioning was needed… They didn’t have air conditioner in the house, & neither did their parents.

This was a family of farmers & knew how to deal with heat & humid summers.

They would come back from the field, & scrub off in cold water… I would often see them with wet clothes on the backs of their necks or on their heads. I grew up in the city, & my mom & Mom had an air conditioner; When Mom moved away from the farm & went to school, he never looked back. Mom embraced this modern way of living, & my nice friend and I had an air conditioner in our home! One summer, my parents took me to the farm so I could get to know my Grandfather. I was there quite often through the years, & when my parents were on trip. We would spend the holidays with my Grandfather, but it was pretty cool. This year, I was going to spend time while in the summer. They expected me to labor on their farm with them, & there was no air conditioner in my room. I had a difficult time sleeping during the night, & I could not get used to it. When mom & Mom picked me up, I said I had a lot of fun, however I could not get used to not having an air conditioner. It was even harder when I got back home. I was shivering the 1st week, because the air conditioner was too cold for me.