I didn’t hear what the Air Conditioning instructor was saying.

When I walked into my very first Heating and Air Conditioning class, I found the instructor assigned our seats! I consistently prefer to go to the front of the room because I have a minor hearing problem.

I have 2 hearing aids, but if I’m not in the front, I can’t distinguish between different voices.

I have had this acute hearing problem since I was little, and I knew what to do to compensate for it; When the instructor walked into the Heating and Air Conditioning class, he moved everyone around, and my enjoyable friend Sam and I were put according to last names, and I ended up in the back seat; For the whole first hour, I had no idea what was going on, because I could not understand what was being said. I didn’t want to say something in front of everyone, but he was accusing me of not listening. When the class went on break, he stopped me, but he asked what was wrong with his teaching? I shook my head. The teacher wanted to know why I wasn’t listening, and told me I could not have the earphones in during his class. I chuckled and told him they were earphones. I was partially deaf and that they were my hearing aids. He turned all shades of red, and asked why I wasn’t at the front of the class, then once I reminded him he had arranged our seats, the Heating and Air Conditioning instructor turned an even darker shade of red. When class was back in session, he moved many of us, so it didn’t look like he was just selecting me. He said they were shiny, glad Heating and Air Conditioning faces that had to be seen more clearly.


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