I get a headache whenever there isn’t A/C in the warm weather

I get a headache whenever there isn’t A/C in the warm weather that my buddy and I get around here. You would not think how warm it gets around here during the summer. Not only that, however the mugginess and the humidity is just terrible. It would not be so bad if it was just high temperatures, however the humidity is what makes it undoubtedly bad. Whenever it is just a dry heat, it’s not undoubtedly that big of an issue. But whenever it rains a little bit and then it gets undoubtedly hot, that is when you end up with the rainforest effect and you just feel like you’re dripping wet as soon as you walk outside. I hate that feeling more than just about anything, and I undoubtedly hate the fact that I get a headache whenever I get too hot. I cannot figure out why that is unless it’s the fact that I must get dehydrated or something when the weather is too warm outside. Any time that the temperature is over about 73 degrees, I need to just stay in the apartment if I don’t want to get a headache. Whenever my child plays baseball outside in the summer, I have to make sure that I am resting close to the parking lot so I can run and get in the vehicle between innings and blow the a/c on myself for a while. I know that sounds crazy, and I do not know several other people who are the same way that I am, but I have to cool off whenever I can or I get a poor headache.

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