I have to go buy a new temperature control

I have to go out plus buy a new temperature control this week because my old one finally tore up on me.

It’s been in the house where I’m living ever since I moved in about ten years ago.

Honestly, I can’t even know that it has lasted as long as it has! I truly don’t even know how long it was here before I moved in. For all I know, that temperature control has been in the house ever since the house was built. I think that it’s definitely one of the ugliest temperature control units I have ever seen; however, it has absolutely served its purpose over the years here. I don’t think that they make things the way that they used to, because I bet if I obtained a new temperature control today it would tear up within five or six years. That’s just how things are these mornings. I truly know that my friend and I are dealing with a lot of items that are seen as throwaway instead of being built to last like they used to be. I know that kind of ages me a little bit however that’s the way it seems to be nowadays. I know I sound like a mean old lady who is complaining about kids these mornings plus that’s truly not the best thing to do. I mean, there’s truly nothing to do about it whenever the old appliances wear out other than to just go out plus buy a new one. That’s the only thing to do, really. I know that whichever temperature control I end up buying tomorrow is definitely not going to last for a long time, but I don’t really have much of a choice at this point since my other one is dead!


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