I need to get the air conditioning fixed but I can’t afford it

I truly need to get the air conditioning fixed but I can’t afford it right now due to the horrible economy that we’re experiencing these mornings.

Everything is so overpriced right now that I just can’t seem to afford anything extra at all.

Whenever the air conditioning broke down on me a couple of weeks ago, I literally almost started crying about it. I am a grown woman, plus I don’t need to cry about broken down air conditionings! The fact that I am so tied up about currency these mornings truly makes me mad. The horrible economy is just ridiculous. I can barely even afford groceries most of the time after I spend money for the rent plus my car payment! It’s like I am leaving paycheck to paycheck now plus I truly hate that fact. I don’t have an emergency fund to fix things like my air conditioning, however I truly wish that I did have one. I used to have an emergency fund until the economy tanked plus now everything seems to be 1000 times worse than it used to be. I absolutely do not really know what our so-called leaders are thinking when it comes to the economy right now. something needs to be done to get everything up plus running again! People like me are truly struggling when they can’t even afford to get their air conditionings fixed before the summer. It’s also truly annoying plus I don’t know how I am going to be able to live through the sizzling weather that my friend and I get around here without my central air conditioning!


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