I Signed Up For an HVAC Maintenance Plan

I received a flyer in the mail from the HVAC company I used about a new promotion they were offering.

They were beginning an HVAC maintenance plan for anyone who was interested.

I’d heard about HVAC maintenance plans from other HVAC companies before, but since the company I used never offered it until now, I never looked into it. The flyer went into detail about the cost and benefits. The cost was a little shocking, but I had to remember that it was for an entire year. The cost included two general service appointments, which included diagnostics, coil cleaning, belt and air filter replacements, and freon checks. Along with the biannual HVAC servicing, you’d get 10% off any parts needed for repairs and a free carbon monoxide detector. For the price, I thought this was a great deal. I called the HVAC company and received the busy signal. I called 50 times before I got through to someone! When I complained about the amount of times I had to call, the receptionist explained that their phones were ringing off the hook. Everyone received the flyer about the HVAC maintenance plan and they were eager to sign up. They anticipated a lot of interest in the maintenance plans, but they weren’t anticipating this much of a crowd! She took my information and got me on the schedule for my first HVAC service appointment. I’m glad I finally got through to someone and was able to get on the schedule. I hope this HVAC maintenance plan is worth it.

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