I think it would be nice if there was A/C near our apartment field

I think that it would be undoubtedly nice if there was a place with A/C anywhere near our apartment baseball field.

I appreciate going to watch my youngsters play baseball, however with three boys, my buddy and I are there most of the summer.

They all play on different teams, and they all have a lot of games! In other words, my buddy and I basically live at our apartment field during the summer. It would be undoubtedly nice if there were anywhere that I could go and cool off a bit during some of the games or even in between games periodically. If there was a place that had a/c anywhere near the apartment field, I would go there all the time. The stores that are close by are places that I would ever go inside of, because they do not sell anything that I need. I mean, I am not gonna go and hang out inside of an auto parts store or anything like that just so I can start cooling off. The other place close by the field that has a/c is a tropical bird store. I don’t have a tropical bird, nor do I want one! Most of the time, I just end up going and resting in my vehicle and blasting the a/c in between games.I think I have run out a whole lot of gas because of my great need for a/c during the summer. I undoubtedly wish that there was some other way to get cooled off at the baseball field. Maybe someone will invent a portable cooling system.


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