I was afraid for the HVAC technician.

I used to think HVAC technicians were fair weather employees.

I never saw an HVAC tech outside working when there was even a small amount of rain.

I knew they were probably in another area, but that was the practical side of me. It was raining hard, and my HVAC technician still hadn’t arrived. I was sure it was because of the rain. Two hours later, the rain had become a steady downpour, and there was thunder rumbling all around us. The wind was picking up. Through all the horrible weather, the HVAC came up my driveway, and was getting out of his service van. I told him the air conditioning unit was in the backyard and had a roof over it, but I was afraid for him. I was eating my own words about how they only worked in fair weather, because he was going to go out back and work on my air conditioning unit. I told him the storm was only going to last for half an hour, and it should be dying down soon. I wanted him to enjoy iced tea, coffee, or something else while waiting for the rain to subside, and the thunder and lightning to go away. He told me he had worked many days in this type of weather, and it didn’t bother him. He had a slicker in the van that would keep him fairly dry. He had to get my air conditioning unit repaired before heading to the next house. In this weather, there were more break-downs than any other time of the season.

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