Improving the state of my indoor air quality

I awoke to a pleasant surprise with my stock this afternoon, which had made $850 at one point but is now down to $485.

  • It is all a game of options, and it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m down $100,000, so don’t be too jealous.

Who knows what this vehicle business will end up doing, but they did get a loan for $100 million today to ramp up production, so maybe this is the start of my claim. If the business succeeds, it will take me two or three years to reclaim that currency. However, heating and cooling system labor will be on the agenda until then, as I will be working as a Heating and Air Conditioning technician for a local business. I don’t mind working for a few more years and waiting for this investment to pay off because I don’t need the currency right now. My mini split air conditioner kept me comfortable last night, but I’m sick with the flu and have a high fever. I’m sleeping about 12 hours a night to help my body kick this thing, and I have four more afternoons to get better before my neighbor comes to visit. She works for a cooling company and is attending a Heating and Air Conditioning system convention in another town. She plans to visit me if I improve in four or five afternoons. I’ve had this thing for three afternoons now, and I can feel it shifting around in my body as my immune system tries to get rid of it.


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