Indoor air quality and HVAC equipment link is real

I just was completely ignorant when it came to the topic of indoor air quality.

Having been raised and lived all my life inside a big city, pollution was certainly something I dealt with on a daily basis.

Yet, living in an apartment building with radiant heating and window air conditioning, I really didn’t know anything about indoor air quality. This is yet another thing I’m learning. And this particular learning curve comes as a first time homeowner. There is just a lot to learn for sure. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever lived inside central air conditioning. So there was a lot to learn there. But the local HVAC professionals have been awesome about all of that. We had to replace the HVAC equipment when we first bought this house. So I got lots of tips about living with and in central air conditioning. In fact, that’s where the topic of indoor air quality was first broached. I learned that just because we now live in a rural area basically free of air pollution, we aren’t free of indoor air contaminants. From pet dander, pollen and even the chemicals that leach from the carpet and furniture, our respiratory system is under attack. And to promote good health and immune response, we needed to make some changes. We now have a HEPA filter which traps and removes more than 99 percent of all indoor contaminants. It’s made a world of difference. But soon, we’re going for a whole home air purification system that will provide the cleanest and best indoor air quality possible.

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