Indoor air quality is being worked on

This afternoon, my stock gave me a pleasant surprise when I woke up; it had previously made $850, but is now only worth $485. Don’t be overly jealous because it’s all just a show and it still doesn’t change the fact that I am losing $100K. Who knows what this car supplier will ultimately do, but at least they were able to increase production thanks to a $100 million loan they received today. Perhaps this marks the beginning of my recovery. If the supplier is successful, it will specifically take me two or three years to make up that money. Working as a heating and air conditioning technician for the supplier in my town will be on the agenda up until then, though. I don’t need the money right now, so I am okay with working for a few more years and waiting for this investment to start paying off. Even though I have the flu and a pretty high fever and was kept comfortable last night by my mini split air conditioner, I still felt uncomfortably hot. I’m trying to get rid of this illness by sleeping about 12 hours every night, and I have four more afternoons to recover before my neighbor arrives. If I get better in four or so afternoons, she will come visit me. She works for a cooling company, is attending a convention for heating and air conditioning in another town, and is a cooling company. I’ve had this thing for three afternoons now, and I can feel it moving around inside of me as my body fights to get rid of it.


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