It was incredibly chilly in my home

It is amazing how fast the hot plus cold temperatures can change, at least, if you live in my area.

Occasionally it will be in the 70s plus then the next day it will drop to the 50s, and it is just crazy! Well, the change from fall to winter time was almost instant, just like someone flipping a switch.

It was incredibly ice chilly almost as soon as winter time was officially here. I unfortunately ended up learning this the hard way, because I was going to see my child perform in a play, then the play was taking site outside, plus it was in the 50s outside. I must have looked insane, being the only lady wearing a T-shirt plus shorts. I was evidently freezing cold, plus if I had known that it was going to be this cold, I would have easily brought a jacket plus wore pants. But the entire play I sat through, freezing cold. After that, I made sure to bring a jacket next time! Speaking of winter, I knew I was going to need my heating component checked up before it gets any colder. I know you are supposed to get the heating unit checked every single year, although I have found that as long as the seasons aren’t too extreme, the heating component will last just fine, and last year, I didn’t need the help of an air conditioner professional because the winter time was truly mild. But it is looking like this winter time is not going to be the same, so I made an appointment with the air conditioner supplier closest to me, for HVAC maintenance.


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