It wasn’t usual to turn off the thermostat.

Before my fiance Sam left for work, he would adjust the thermostat to energy saving mode & then switch off all the lights.

I had to be at the office an hour before him, & I got back home an hour or so before him… Last week, I left for labor & knew when I got home, the condo would be cool & comfortable.

It was supposed to be over ninety degrees & excessively humid. When I got home, it was ninety & humid in the house, & the air conditioner wasn’t working at all. When I looked at the thermostat, I thought my fiance Sam had turned it off. It wasn’t like him to turn the thermostat off, but as I said, he did put it into energy saving mode. The air conditioner would begin ramping up half an hour before I got home, & the condo would be cool when I walked in. I looked more closely at the thermostat, and I knew it was the problem & not my fiance. I called him & asked if he would pick up a new thermostat on his way to the household from work? Sam promised to stop at the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company & get a new programmable unit from them. That way, he could talk to a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C professional into installing it for him. Sam was an excellent business man, however he knew nothing about electricity. Sam cringed if he had to change a light bulb. Two hours later, our new thermostat was installed, & fresh cool air was coming from the air vents. I’m happy all Sam and I needed was a thermostat to get the AC unit running again.

a/c rep