Learning how to adult by changing an HVAC air filter

I learned entirely hastily living on my own.

I learned how to take care of myself and a sense of responsibility.

I tried my absolute hardest to do everything on my own. However, one day I did not know what to do. I had to call someone for help. I experienced my first real giant complication with my HVAC system. I could not get it to labor for the life of me. I tried turning it off and back on. I tried moving the temperature up and down to get it to do something, none of those things worked. I had to call an HVAC repairman. She came over to my home to help me. She found that the complication was within my air filter. It was too blocked. I needed it to be replaced. She had asked me if I had it replaced recently and I told him no. I had no idea I needed to replace the air filter on my own. In fact, I was not even sure I knew that there was an air filter, however during this time, I believe she felt so bad for me. She showed me how to change the air filter on my own. She did this to prevent this situation from happening again. She even had me practice with him there. I believe this is part of adulting. Learning how to be responsible for more things within your home. I believe that I feel like a tplot adult having to do everything on my own now. I wonder what I am going to learn about next.

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