Local heating business will feed the cats

I may be going off to another country next month to see my long lost sister & nephew. I entirely don’t want to fly despite the fact that I also entirely want to see them, so I feel I will bite the bullet & book the flight to visit them. My sister lives on the other side of the world, & so does my nephew, however they are coming to a country that is only a two hour flight from me so I feel I should make the effort & go see them or I’ll regret not doing so. The local business in neighborhood said that she will take care of my cats while I’m gone & also turn on my temperature control system as I don’t have a smart temperature control to do it for me. I just don’t want the flat getting too sizzling with these little cats inside because I know they don’t like it too sizzling in the home! With summer time heating up I bet the temp would hit 90F plus if my a/c wasn’t running the whole time I will be gone. That would be too sizzling for my cats, so I feel with the help of my associate it won’t be an issue for them. I may grab a smart temperature control when I return on the air conditioned plane & then I don’t have to worry about this anymore. I can program it to take care of the temp in my flat the whole time I leave on my next trip, something which the HVAC rep told me is a good selling point.

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