My Air Conditioning is not chilling the apartment down due to outdoor unit not running

Of course it’s the hottest week of the summer time and I have had no luck with my a/c… When I woke up this day my air conditioning was switch to on and it should have been running, and i looked at the set temperature and the thermostat was set to 75 degrees but my thermostat study that it was 83 degrees in the house, however that was way too boiling for me. I did not understand why my a/c was not cooling my apartment down! I ran through some easy items to go through to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything out of the ordinary, however yes my thermostat was set to cool and I turned the thermostat down to the below room temperature. The power on the indoor unit was set to on and my breaker was working normal. The power was also set to on for my outdoor unit as well. When I went outside I couldn’t hear my outdoor unit running. I even went to the red reset button on my outdoor unit and still nothing was working. I decided to schedule a repair call because even when I reset the outdoor unit the outdoor unit still was not turning on, and some causes that made the outdoor unit not turn on and my apartment not be cool was because of a disappointing reversing valve. It turns out that that was the issue when my heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair guy came to my property to repair the a/c, after replacing the disappointing reversing valve the a/c came to life again cooling my apartment down.



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