My elderly parents barely use their central a/c

Today when I arrived at their house, I instantly asked for the fan before I sat down.

My parents are both in their nineties and in good health. They moved from the old farmdwelling into a ranch in the city a few years back. They just appreciate having close neighbors, plus residing within walking distance of the post office, grocery store, and bank. The dwelling needed really little improvement. About the only high ticket item that they added was central a/c, since their fans just weren’t doing the trick. All of us were actually content that they had it installed and thought that we could finally pay them a visit in the summer time without covered in sweat profusely. My associate and I were wrong! They keep the thermostat set at seventy eight degrees! I get it that older people feel colder than do younger people – such as myself. But when I lay in their dwelling to visit, I am actually covered in sweat – even though I dress accordingly. My father hates to lower the temperature setting even one degree and will, instead, offer to turn a fan on that blows directly on me. Today when I arrived at their house, I instantly asked for the fan before I sat down. Unfortunately, they had lent their fan to someone who had out-of-town guests staying with them. I feel the expression on my face was enough to convince my father that he should turn the thermostat down – by one degree! In the meantime, I poured myself a tall glass of chilly water and picked up a magazine to fan myself while we visited. Of course both of my parents thought that there was something wrong with ME! My father even asked if I had high blood pressure.


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