My parents moving to the south plus realizing they have a strange HVAC system

Just last month I had to help my parents transfer down south.

They are keeping their loft up north for the summertime however they just bought a small loft to stay in during the winter, then since they are much older now the winters take a toll on them.

Packing their vehicle wasn’t bad at all with many people helping to stuff boxes in the back of the moving truck. I decided to ride out there plus help them unpack. After hours of unpacking I realized that we never put on their air conditioner system. My buddy and I were dripping with sweat going back plus forth from the muggy household plus the sizzling temperatures of outside plus it didn’t even cross our minds. I went to their thermostat plus saw that everything was off. I thought at least the people that lived in the household before would keep the air conditioner on set to a higher temperature so it would kick on plus not keep the household as hot. Plus when I went outside plus downstairs to the basement I didn’t realize how strange their HVAC system was than from the one that they had installed at home. There was a new temperature control technology that was installed. This type of HVAC system is designed to save energy in hot plus dry temperatures. It’s basically a powered whole-household fan, air conditioner that is all integrated under one control system. It is actually more high-tech than the HVAC system that is at my parents household up north. I’m hoping that they may need a bit more assistance with their new HVAC system by calling a local HVAC professional.
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