Natural weather conditions control is coming soon

Given that I’m feeling a little under the weather and am having trouble moving forward, I need to gather the strength to finish these stories today.

However, I’ll manage to complete them somehow so that my friend and I can relax on my sofa and disappear into the pillows.

It has been difficult for me to eat anything due to my sore throat, so I just ate some soup with pasta. I also feel a little better having some food in my body. My buddy and I will be able to relax the rest of the day and play with my cats if we feel like it after I finish working on the heating and cooling system stories, which should take me no more than an hour at most. Due to the fact that my body is actually sore and because it would benefit my muscles and joints to move around a little, I also have to complete my 15-minute yoga routine. Today is Tuesday, and by Sunday I believe I will be almost 100% again, even though I need to rest a lot to make that happen as my body needs energy to fight this cold. Yesterday, I skipped my yoga class in favor of a trip to the local pharmacy to get some medication to help me get through this illness. In order for my friend and I to work on my heating and air conditioning system and get it ready for the upcoming summer, I need to be better by Sunday because a neighbor who works for a cooling company is coming to see me. I won’t be using the unit all day long soon because the weather is getting warmer.


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