Needing a big blanket for a unquestionably chilly air conditioned train ride

I needed to travel this week for work so I decided I would take the train.

I have taken the train many times before plus it has not been too bad.

One of the times I took the train it was awfully cold. I now dress moderate for the train in anticipation that it will be unquestionably cold. This time that I took the train it was unquestionably early in the day. I figured it was early but I could just sleep on the train anyway. I tried to sleep on the train plus it was not working unquestionably well. The train was so chilly that I could not fall asleep. It sounded as if the air conditioner was blasting plus that was exactly it. I was wearing a long sleeve plus a jacket. I was still cold. I had to tuck in my arms into the jacket plus her my face in it so I could keep warm. I did not understand why it had to be so cold. If there is one thing I know that is pressing when traveling, it is temperature control, people like me travel long distances plus having to be uncomfortable the whole time is not ideal. I guess staff should be walking around making sure all the people is comfortable. Maybe they could even offer a blanket. The blanket does not even have to be for free. I just want to know that there are options to stay moderate plus content. I wouldn’t want o be staying in someone else’s house either if I was uncomfortable, however even if I was I am sure that they would offer me a blanket or something to come up with a solution to the temperature issue.


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