Needing to get rid of my gas furnace

The one thing I always worry about in my home is my gas furnace.

  • I always worry because I never know when and if it is going to break down.

It was here when we bought the house. I have been saving to buy a new one. I have heard some horror stories about gas furnaces. These furnaces can start on fire and leak carbon monoxide into your house. It could easily kill you or hurt you. I really wanted the house so I had to suffer with the gas furnace installed. I have been saving from something that feels more comfortable. I really want to get an electric furnace. The reason that I want to get an electric furnace is because I would not have to worry about it starting on fire. I also do not have to worry about carbon monoxide leaking into my home. It is quite the struggle I must say to have a gas furnace installed into your home. I called my HVAC business down the street already. I am eager to get that new electric furnace installed. The HVAC technician already took the measurements for my house. All he has to do is install it. Hopefully, that will come very soon! I no longer want to think about any of those terrible things happening to my house. If you have a gas furnace, I suggest you get rid of it. They were made back in the day and they have much better HVAC equipment now a days. Even if you do not have the money, you can save like I did!


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