No air conditioning with high humidity

However it has helped me to become far more comfortable in my home now.

I have lived all of my life without air conditioning. I have also managed to do very well without it. However this summer has been the most humid I have ever experienced before. I have done everything to try to keep myself cool and dry. The humidity makes me feel so dirty and groggy all the time. There is nothing I hate more now than the humidity outside. It seeps into my home so easily. This summer I actually called my local HVAC company. I was interested in having them install a dehumidifier into my home. I may not have had air conditioning but I think a dehumidifier would help a lot. The dehumidifier would take out the extra moisture in the air in my home. All of the extra moisture was coming from the humidity that is outside of my home. Dehumidifier basically collects all of the moisture that sits in the air and puts it into a bucket into the dehumidifier. Every once in awhile I have to dump the buckets full of water. The air inside of my home is so moist that the dehumidifier has to be emptied at least once if not twice a day. However it has helped me to become far more comfortable in my home now. If you are experiencing the same issues I would suggest calling your local HVAC company today. Installing a dehumidifier really helps me to get through the humid summer. I am comfortable knowing that I may never have to deal with the high humidity in my house ever again. I also don’t even have air conditioning.
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