Our current boat had some complications.

My fiance just purchased a current boat that he has been wanting to buy for a long time.

The boat is wonderful and my friend and I spend lots of time together on it, however the best part about it is it’s heating and a/c units.

The boat has an interior apartment that has a small furnace and a small air conditioner in it. The furnace is basically a space furnace that is installed in the wall. The furnace works wonderful even though it’s small because the boat’s apartment isn’t really big. The miniature air conditioner is awesome as well. When I first saw the air conditioner I thought it was too small to do us any good, however that air conditioner is surprisingly strong and effective for its size; One of my favorite things about the boat is its little Heating and Air Conditioning units. Unluckyly, my friend and I started having some complications with the mini air conditioner, and it started to make different sounds; My wonderful friend and I took the air conditioner to an Heating and Air Conditioning repair shop to see if the Heating and Air Conditioning professional could repair it. The professional said that there was a leak in the air conditioner’s coolant tank, and luckily, it was an straight-forward repair and my friend and I had our little air conditioner back in the boat and toiling in no time. Our furnace in the boat never had any complications other than when my friend and I accidentally left it on all afternoon and it warm. Although the little air conditioner and furnace in our boat seem insignificant, they really are a big help. It is amazing how just a little Heating and Air Conditioning machine can make such a big difference.

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