Played More Beach Volleyball last Night with Some Newbies

There were three people on the beach last night messing around with the volleyball and I asked if I could play with them.

  • I have a lot more experience with the sport than them so I ended up gently coaching them and giving them tips for improving their game.

I like helping people learn the sport but you have to be careful telling people what to do because some of them don’t like being told. But they were happy to learn new tips for improving and we had a fun time playing, I think I won every game, hehe. The local business across the street from the courts plays live music so we get free entertainment while we play. We also usually go over there after we play to sit in the cool air conditioning and drink a few beers while watching the band play their funky music. I don’t think I will be playing today because I am quite sore, but if I go down there later and people invite me to play I don’t believe I will be able to say no. I am better served today resting and possibly talking to the local contractor, who lives next door to me, about tuning up my HVAC system next week. I may do some painting around the house today and get that block mailbox painted so it matches the new paint job on the house. I may clean the HEPA filter today also but that is going to be about it as far as working is concerned, my body needs a break.