Replacing a faulty thermostat to make the house comfortable again

There has been a big problem lately. My problem is that I have been far too busy to go to the gym. I love going to the gym and I need to go but I just can’t find myself getting there. Another big problem is within my house. My house has seemed to be getting warmer just as the gym feels sometimes. I have the thermostat set to a temperature I would like it to be set at. Nothing is working though. My house just I’d getting warmer. I called a local HVAC business that is near to me. I told them what the issue was. They made an appointment for my system to get checked. When the time finally came for them to check my system, I lead the HVAC technician right to my backyard to check the system. While he was in the middle of checking he realized that it was the thermostat that had been the problem. It was miscommunicating with the rest of the system. The thermostat pretty much controls the system and if it is not working properly the whole system will not work. He decided to replace the thermostat for a new one. We set it to a temperature that I wanted after he had installed it. We waited like ten minutes or so and the house was feeling much better. One of my problems was gone and my house was feeling comfy again. I was so glad that it was working properly again. In fact it was so nice it really made me not want to go back to the gym.
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